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Juwai Teer

The difference between “Juwai Morning Teer Result” and “Juwai Teer Result” is primarily the timing of the game sessions and therefore the timing of the results announcement.

FR(First Round)10:30 AMSR(Second Round)11:30 AM

Juwai Morning Teer Result is the results of Teer games that take place in the morning. This designation indicates that there are specific archery game sessions that take place at the beginning of the day, in keeping with the tradition or preference for morning events. The results of these morning sessions are usually announced shortly after they are completed, providing participants and bettors with information about the outcome of their morning game.

Juwai Teer Result, without specifically mentioning “morning”, refers to standard or traditional Teer games that are played later in the day. These sessions may be more traditional or generally recognized for Juwai Teer games, and results are usually announced in the afternoon or evening. This classification implies a distinction in the Teer game schedule, targeting different segments of the community or simply offering multiple opportunities to participate in the game throughout the day.

The division into morning and standard (afternoon/evening) sessions allows for greater community participation, accommodating different schedules and preferences. It also brings a dynamic aspect to the betting and strategizing process, as conditions such as weather, player energy levels, and even the psychological aspect of playing at different times of day can affect the outcome. This separation ensures that the traditions of Tyre, deeply rooted in the culture of the regions where it is played, remain alive and accessible to a wide range of participants.

With the Juwai Teer Results, you can be informed about all available and accessible online results of your favourite teer games. This very popular game in India has just started becoming popular in other places of the world and that is why articles such as these help all these new players understand how the game functions and what are the best ways to win.

By discovering new versions of teer games, you can enjoy in the thrill of playing a different teer game every day. Or, if you would like, you can choose to play only one version of a teer game and stick with specific common numbers that you like.

Updated 2024-06-16

Juwai Teer Result Today

(Date: 15 June 2024)
FR (1:30 PM) SR (2:15 PM)
00 54

To keep track of all available Juwai Teer Results, you can bookmark this website. We make sure to post the latest results of Juwai Teer as soon as they are officially announced, so that the visitors of our website do not have to wait to check if they are the winners.

However, sometimes they may be a delay in updating the official Juwai Teer Results, as sometimes the weather is bad or an archer is late or for any other similar reason. That is why it is the best for you to find a website, like this one, that shows you the results of the first and the second round.

Juwai Teer Results Today

 In the following table you can find the last updated Juwai Teer results. This table is updated every day at 1:30 PM and at 2:15 PM as those are the times when the first round and the second round of Juwai Teer are over. Even though it may seem like the times are fixed, they are actually not and the results may be late, as it depends on many different conditions.

 If you are interested in previous results of Juwai Teer, you can also find them on our website, as we have a base of previous winning numbers. We keep track of these numbers because some players like to research them in hopes of finding a common number which they use as their prediction. While some thing this method is efficient in winning Juwai Teer, others disagree and believe they can win by using the dream number method, that is, they use a number that comes to them in their dream. However, you are free to use any method that you like.

 Juwai Teer List of Results – Last 5 Days

In the following table you can find the results of Juwai Teer of the last five days. These Juwai Teer results are updated each day, with each round so that you can always see only the latest results. If you want to see more previous results of Juwai Teer, you can find them on our website. The letters “FR” in the table signify the first round, and the letters “SR” mean second round.

Updated 2024-06-16

15 June 20240054
14 June 20247044
13 June 20242971
12 June 20245077
11 June 20246209

As we have mentioned before, our website provides you with a list of both previous and latest results of Juwai Teer. Therefore, our website is very useful if you are either a new player or a professional, as it will help you find different strategies to play Juwai Teer. Moreover, we are very careful when it comes to updating the Juwai Teer counter results, so the results we post are very accurate.

 If you use social media, you can visit our Facebook page, and you can like it and follow it if you like such content and want to receive more news about our website and Juwai Teer. We post the updates and news about Juwai Teer on our website faster than other websites. 

Jowai Teer Night Results

 If you are interested in Jowai Teer, you can also visit our website as Jowai teer is the same as Juway teer. Jowai is the local name of the city Shillong, Meghalaya. The several names might be confusing for new players of teer, which is why we are explaining all important information. The teer count of Jowai teer is only unavailable on Sundays and special holidays, as those are the days when teer is not played.

 If you play teer regularly, then you can check out the Juwai Teer results on our website. You might experience delay in the update of the official results, as they are not always announced officially at the exact minute, but we will update our website as soon as they are updated.

 Juwai Teer Laser

 The availability of Juwai Teer Laser is useful for players who frequently play Juwai Teer. The latest update of Juwai Teer laser will be available as soon as the official results of Juwai Teer get updated. The only thing you have to do is visit our website on time. If you do not see the updated result on our website, refresh or reload it.

Juwai Teer Counter Result

 One fact that you might not know is that the game teer is legalized in Shillong, Meghalaya. That is why there are many different Juwai Teer counters that are based in that region. Moreover, many people love to play this game almost every day, as they love to test their luck.

 If you want to know the official and correct time for the updates of Juwai Teer, you have to check this website regularly, you can even bookmark it to access it more easily. The official times for the updates change every season. If you want to see the official announcement of Juwai Teer every day, you will have to physically visit Shillong, Meghalaya.

Juwai Teer First Round and Second Round Result

 By regularly visiting our website, you can check out the latest results of the first and second round of Juwai Teer. Our table with live results is updated as soon as the official results are announced. The first round (FR) is announced at 3:00 PM, and the second round (SR) is announced at 4:00 PM. Sometimes the results may be early, but sometimes they also might be late.

Juwai Teer Previous Results

 If you are interested in finding more about previous results of Juwai Teer, you can check out our page with more previous results. We keep track of these results so that our visitors can come up with a common number more easily. Our previous results are categorized by months and years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the today’s result of Juwai Teer?

You can check out the latest results of Juwai Teer on our website, in the table that shows the live results of this very popular sport in India.

How can I win in Juwai Teer?

To win in Juwai Teer, you have to predict or guess the winning numbers, that is, the numbers of arrows that have hit the target. You can use several different methods to predict this number, but you also have to be very lucky.

Are the results always available online?

The results are available online a few second after they are officially announced. However, the Juwai Teer is not played on Sundays or holidays so there will be no Juwai Teer results on those days. Protection Status