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Teer Common Number

In the heart of Meghalaya state, a unique blend of tradition and excitement takes place daily in Shillong Teer, a betting game based on archery and deeply rooted in the local culture. The game is based on predicting the number of arrows that will hit the target, a task that combines skill, intuition and a bit of luck. Among enthusiasts and experienced players, the concept of “Shillong Teer Common Number Today” becomes the centerpiece of intrigue and strategy.


The term refers to numbers that are often predicted to win based on historical data, patterns and expert analysis. Understanding these common numbers can be crucial for both novices and veterans of the game, allowing them to understand what can tilt the odds in their favor.

Unveiling the Mystery: How Common Numbers Are Calculated

The process of identifying Shillong Teer common numbers is both an art and a science, involving an analysis of past results, mathematical models, and local lore. This section explores the methodologies used by experts and the community to calculate these numbers, shedding light on the blend of traditional practices and statistical techniques. From examining the frequency of past winning numbers to incorporating factors like weather and date patterns, we’ll uncover the layers that contribute to the making of a common number.

Strategy and Superstitions: Using Common Numbers to Your Advantage

While the common numbers is undeniable, integrating them into one’s betting strategy requires a balanced approach, blending rational analysis with the rich superstitions that color the game’s history. Through a combination of statistical insight and cultural understanding, bettors can navigate the complexities of Shillong Teer with greater confidence and insight.

If you are interested in winning the Shillong Night Teer today, this is the right place for you! Besides offering the previous results of this very popular game, we provide all necessary information for the analysis of teer common numbers.

Updated 2024-06-16

Shillong Night Teer Common Number

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
26, 45, 75, 81 2, 8 3, 6

By using different mathematical formulas and information about the previous results of Shillong Night Teer, as well as details from different teer experts, we calculate what is the best number to play to win in Shillong Night Teer.

The Shillong Night Teer usually happen at 8:30 PM and 10:45 PM every day but Sunday and certain holidays.

Shillong Night Teer Common Number for Today

As we have mentioned, we base our guess for the Shillong Night Teer common numbers on a set of different formulas. Our common numbers have won in certain occasions and our viewers are generally happy with what we are offering.

Even though many players are happy with these common numbers, we do have to warn you that these are not 100% accurate results of the final teer counter results. You can use these numbers to play but only at your own risk, we will not be responsible if these are not today’s winning numbers. We do our best to provide accurate common numbers, but they are not always the correct ones.

Shillong Night Teer 2 Common Number 

The game Shillong Night Teer 2 is played every day at 10:45 PM. Our website shares the common numbers for this game as well and you can see them in the table below.


Updated 2024-06-16

Night Teer 2 Common Number Today

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
28, 12, 38, 09 2, 3 9, 6

Shillong Night Teer Common Number

Even if you do not believe in the accuracy of common numbers, you have to admit that sometimes it is simply too fun to look at the previous results and try to analyse them. If you become a frequent player of Shillong Night Teer, it is a good habit to check previous results before deciding to play a new game.

Besides on our website, you can find the latest results and winning numbers of Shillong Night Teer on our Facebook or Instagram account. We share the unofficial Shillong Night Teer common numbers for each game, that is, every day. They are posted at 9 AM.

Shillong Night Teer Hit Number

 Besides the common number, one of the most fun activities to do is to look for a hit number. These numbers are also a myth among teer players, as they desperately search for them and they are simply not correct at all times.

 There is no proof that the hit number or that the common number will be the winning number of today’s Shillong Night Teer game as the game also depends on the players’ luck.

 Shillong Night Teer Target Numbers Today

 We test out target numbers with different mathematical formulas and combinations of such numbers, but there is simply not always a way to prove that this will be the winning numbers.

 That is why we recommend that you use our target numbers with caution and that you always think about which numbers you will play before you actually play them.

 Shillong Night Teer House Number

 If you want to play Shillong Night Teer, you have to know what is the house number. This number is one digit, from 0 to 9. We present our predictions of the possible house number in the table that was shown above.

 Shillong Night Teer Ending Number

 Once you know what the house number is, you have to learn about the ending number. This is the last digit that you need for your prediction or guess for the Shillong Night Teer game.

 Shillong Night Teer Common Number

 Therefore, if you want to play Shillong Night Teer, you have to decide which numbers you will play, and you may use different strategies that we have presented.

 You can use the common numbers that we offer on our website, but you can also come up with your own mathematical formulas and find your own new common numbers for the game of Shillong Night Teer.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Where can I see the latest results of Shillong Night Teer?

 Those results will be available on our website as soon as they are officially posted.

 How do I know that the results are correct?

 You can cross-verify the results that are shown on our website with results on other websites, as well as with the officially announced results. We always try to update our website as soon as possible.

 Is the common number the winning number in Shillong Night Teer?

 There is no way to prove that the suggested common number will be the winning number of today’s game of Shillong Night Teer. There is a chance that it may be correct, but it also may be completely wrong. You have to choose whether you will pick the number that we recommended or come up with your own one.

If you are looking for the Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Common Number, you have found the right page! This is the best place to find the right numbers that can be used as Jowai Ladrymbai Teer common numbers.

Updated 2024-06-16

Jowai Teer Common Number

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
59, 46, 27, 38 5, 8 3, 6

To calculate any kind of common number for teer games is really difficult, as you have to take into account many previous results, but there is a way to find that number with several different mathematical formulas. What you have to keep in mind is that none of these formulas can be completely trusted, meaning that there is no way to calculate the winning teer number.

Below you can find the calculated common number for today’s game of Jowai Ladrymbai Teer. Jowai and Ladrymbai teer are played at different times of the day, so here you can find the numbers for both.

Updated 2024-06-16

Ladrymbai Teer Common Number

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
16, 49, 80, 67 6, 4 9, 2

Jowai teer is played around 4:15 PM and Ladrymbai teer is played around 4:20 PM. Both games are played from Monday to Saturday.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Target and Hit Number

In general, target and hit numbers are actually the same numbers, that is, the daily winning number. Finding this winning target number is extremely difficult, as it depends on the player’s luck.

A certain number of archers tries to hit the target many times each day. The number of times that their arrows hit the target is counted and that is how we get the winning number. Many players of the teer game say there are different strategies you can use to guess the winning number, but you have to keep in mind none of them are to be completely trusted as they cannot guarantee the win.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win Jowai Ladrymbai Teer?

To win Jowai Ladrymbai Teer, you have to guess or predict the winning number of hits.

Where are the results of Jowai Ladrymbai Teer?

You can find the newest and updated results of Jowai Ladrymbai Teer on our website.

What are common numbers in teer?

Common number in teer are numbers that may be the winning numbers of the teer game. They are also called hit and target numbers.

One of the methods you may use if you want to win today’s game of Juwai teer is the common number method. On our website, you will be able to check the common number of Juwai Teer game today. Besides finding the common number, you can also see the hit number and the target number for Juwai Teer.

Do not worry if you are new to Juwai Teer and do not know how to find the common number. We are here to help you as we provide the most guaranteed common number for Juwai Teer daily. The method we use to calculate the common number is based on previous results of Juwai Teer.

Most players of Juwai Teer believe that by playing random numbers you cannot win this game. They also say that choosing random numbers almost always leads to losing in Juwai Teer. However, some claim that the winner is chosen by luck, not by calculations.

Juwai Teer Common Number

On this website you can find all relevant information about the common number for Juwai Teer today. By providing fresh and new common numbers each day, we provide our visitors with a high chance of winning the attractive prizes of Juwai Teer.

Below, you can find a table with the common numbers for today’s Juwai Teer, and this table is updated at midnight every day.

Updated 2024-06-16

Juwai Teer Common Number

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
39, 93, 30, 03, 37, 73, 19, 91, 10, 01, 17, 71, 59, 95, 50, 05, 57, 75, 07, 70, 90, 31, 15, 51 5, 3, 1 9, 7, 0

Juwai Teer Target and Hit Number

If you want to find out more about target and hit numbers, we are here to help you! Namely, target and hit numbers are the same thing as the common numbers. These numbers are predictions or guesses for the winning numbers of the game Juwai Teer.

There are several different formulas you can use to calculate the common number for playing teer. However, you have to keep in mind this is just one of many strategies you can use to try to win the main prize in Juwai Teer. Some players use their dream numbers to win, and those are numbers you see in your dream that might lead you to victory.

The calculations for common numbers are different each day, so you have to visit our website daily to see what are the latest common numbers for Juwai Teer. The easiest way for you to do this would then be to bookmark our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shillong teer the same thing as Juwai Teer?

Teer is a very popular sport in India, which is why there are so many variations of it. While Shillong teer is very similar to Juwai Teer, it is not the same.

Can I play Juwai Teer every day?

You can play Juwai Teer every day except on Sundays and holidays.

Finding a common number for Khanapara Teer is a crucial thing among many players of this very popular game in India. They want to find the common number because they believe it will be the winning number.

 There are many different ways one can calculate the common number, and here we will present information that you need to take into account when searching for a such number.

 Khanapara Teer Common Number Today

 Here you can find the list with the Khanapara Teer common number for today’s game. This table is updated every day and these numbers will be interesting to you if you want to use this method when playing the game. Of course, you do not have to use it, but if you believe it will lead you to victory, feel free to play any of the numbers that we present in our list.


Updated 2024-06-16

Khanapara Teer Common Number

(Date: 15 June 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
94, 49, 90, 09, 92, 29, 34, 43, 30, 03, 32, 23, 64, 46, 60, 06, 62, 26, 40, 02, 20, 93, 36, 96 2, 4, 0 6, 3, 9

 Khanapara Teer Previous Results

 The first thing you might search for if you are interested in finding a common number are the previous results of Khanapara Teer. Most of these previous results can be found online, as the daily results are always posted online. We have a list of previous results as well as common numbers so you can use it to find the numbers for the next Khanapara Teer game.

 Besides using our website, you can visit our page on Facebook and search for similar information. Moreover, we provide a list of dream numbers for Khanapara Teer. Therefore, we offer a lot of information that are quite useful for all fans of Khanapara Teer.

Khanapara Teer Target and Hit Number

 If you are more interested in the hit number, or the target number, do not fret! These numbers are always almost the same as the common number, as they show the average number of times that the arrow has hit the target.

 If you play Khanapara Teer, numbers and methods such as the mentioned ones will be useful for you, but you should not rely only on them as you need to have a bit of luck to win in Khanapara Teer as well.

 Khanapara Teer Target Number Formula

 Some players believe they can use different mathematic formulas to calculate the next winning number in Khanapara Teer. While some may be right, there is really no way to prove that they were absolutely correct when calculating such things.

 On our website, we offer a daily teer formula that analyses the previous results and offers you different common or target numbers. The teer formula method offered here may not be the only way to find the common number in teer and that is why the formula may not give you the exact result of the Khanapara Teer target number.

 Khanapara Teer Previous Common Numbers

 Here you can find the common numbers for the past few days. We keep a record of the previous common number, pretty much in the same way that we keep track of the previous results of Khanapara Teer.

In this article you can find all information about the Shillong Morning Teer common number for today. We are updating our Shillong Morning Teer common number each day so that our trusted visitors can get an information related to which number they can choose to win a game of teer.

Updated 2024-06-16

Shillong Morning Teer Common Number

(Date: 16 June 2024 2024)
Direct Numbers House Ending
43, 28, 57, 89 8, 5 7, 4

If you want to visit this website every day, bookmark it. You can also check out our content on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as we update the common number there as well. The common numbers we offer are usually extracted from the previous results of Shillong Morning Teer.

As you probably know, many people use the method of common numbers to win a game of Shillong Morning Teer. This method requires a lot of time, as it is necessary to look previous results of many games of Shillong Morning Teer, analyse and compare them. Not all players have the necessary time for this, so they search for websites similar to this one, in search of already calculated possible common numbers. 

You can choose the common numbers we present, or you can come up with your own ones by using your own mathematical formulas.

Shillong Morning Teer Common Number for Today

By using different mathematical calculations, we generate our possible common numbers for today’s game of Shillong Morning Teer. If you do not have the time to compare the previous results on your own, feel free to use the numbers we recommend.

Shillong Morning Teer Hit Number

Besides calculating the common numbers, we keep track of hit and target numbers. Many people enjoy playing Shillong Morning Teer, as it is a part of culture in India, but what you need to know is that you do not always need all these calculated numbers to win. Sometimes all you need is a bit of luck.


What you have to keep in mind is that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the common numbers, hit numbers and target numbers that we suggest. We have generated these numbers through several different mathematical calculations and formulas by using previous results of Shillong Morning Teer, but there is still no way to clearly guarantee that these numbers will be the winning numbers. Please keep this in mind while playing Shillong Morning Teer and all other similar teer games.

Shillong Morning Teer Previous Common Numbers

As you probably already know, on our website you can visit the page with previous results of Shillong Morning Teer, but you can also find the previous common numbers that we have posted. Protection Status